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Raising Arizona, And Dropping It On Its Sorry Head

Apparently, a congresswoman has been shot. Apparently, the Southeast is going to get one hell of a snow pounding, Northeast style.

Well, to this I say with pain in my heart, we did this to ourselves so I do not forgive so easily. You have retarded revolutionaries running around picking off members of the Legislature, and you have wacky storms in places they shouldn’t be.

Fuck you. You should all have listened to the State Department, and you should not have argued with Al Gore. If you do not know what that means, a double fuck you is earned from me.

This is the basic problem with America: our hands and mouths move faster than our brains. We leave our pursuits to features with no thinking capacity at all. You want and you yell when you don’t get,and then you go eat as if nothing happened.

Die. Die from Obamacare, that’s what I say, because even Obama can’t save your sorry asses from yourselves.

I almost look forward to a civil war; maybe the south can shoot a rifle, but can they get hold of M1 Abrams who will run up and down your streets without a care? Well, that is what would happen if these neo-secessionists continue to operate. Or, the FBI can call the SWAT and have you and your friends silenced before the morning paper is printed. I’ve seen what an M1 does. I would not want it to come near my house.

I can’t even watch or read about this mess. Some one is going to do one of two things; play it up, or play it down. Neither is acceptable.

Whatever Arizona is up to besides electing a Gorgon for governor, I don’t want to know about, unless it shows up in California.

But hey, you and your cohorts can keep only being able to read past the Second Amendment as long as you want.

The news may look bad, but to those of us who pay attention, we are not surprised in the least.

I am very sorry about the shootings. But it’s not an event, it’s a portent. Watch your ass, folks. It all is connected.

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