Perry: Guns, God, And A Fruity Past

I recently found a little tidbit that suggests that nasty GOP front runner Rick Perry might have a l’il case of the gay in him.

Sorry, Michele, you get a pass from me for now. Today I will not talk shit about you and your twinkletoe husband.You have no chance of winning anyway, you are a media sideshow at best.

Here’s the poop, from the Dallas Voice:

In an apparent reference to longstanding rumors that he’s gay, Texas Gov. Rick Perry assured a group of influential social conservatives over the weekend that “there is nothing in my life that will embarrass you if you decide to support me for president,” according to this report from the Texas Tribune.

The Lavender Bund strikes again. That is what you call embarrassing in the extreme. Of course, I doubt supporters will find out about this rumor, but I thought I’d help it along.

As an aside, Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s crew once meta-tagged “rick perry gay” for search engines to pick up on. Hilarious! Politics are fucked up in the Lone Star State.

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