Taking My Whack At 9-9-9

Hermain Cain, who makes me just want pizza when I want to talk about him, has unveiled a cute little plan for your taxes called 9-9-9- that’s 9 percent payroll, 9 percent corporate tax, and 9 percent sales tax. The entire rest of the tax code goes out the window. Jesus, talk about class warfare. Let’s all just be honest for a minute: Herman Cain says that the tax code is modern day slavery. If so, could I have anuther whuppin’, massah? The tax code has been very good at protecting me from the bumps and shifts in my life for over 20 years, seeing me thru school, children, joblessness, tough times that could sink a poor person for good. In Herman Cain’s pitiless world, not only would your progressive tax credits go away, but you would also have to contend with a brandynew 9% national sales tax on everything you buy. Herman Cain calls this an incentive to save.

It’s a supply-sider dream. Less to pay at the top of the income ladder, less to spend at the bottom. Who thinks this is intelligent fiscal policy? Who buys shit in this dream economy? Who can afford anything anymore? Shall we just start building poor houses again? Because that’s where this joker wants people to go.

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