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Follow The Money

That’s what more than a few souls have taught me through the years; the man or the woman with the biggest warchest will likely be the nominee in any electoral race.

This why I think Romney will be the nominee: enough corporations have bundled for him. It would appear that Wall St. has made up his mind who they like. Cain is the doofus vote, the Tea Party, know-nothing clown who is the bottom feeder for every nutjob’s wet dream. Despite all the hoopla surrounding him, Romney can blanket the states with cash while Cain runs his mouth.

Romney trails Obama by far in campaign cash; ergo, second term for Obama. Bet on it. When the chips fall, Barack has enough cash and enough support to take us to 2012. I don’t know about the Congress, but the current president is a lock.

Cain’s Brains

The latest from this creep:

” I just got back from China. Ever heard of the Great Wall of China? It looks pretty sturdy. And that sucker is real high. I think we can build one if we want to! We have put a man on the moon, we can build a fence! Now, my fence might be part Great Wall and part electrical technology…It will be a twenty foot wall, barbed wire, electrified on the top, and on this side of the fence, I’ll have that moat that President Obama talked about. And I would put those alligators in that moat!”

He says it’s a joke. Not funny. That sucker is real high?Alligators? This is Presidential material? You decide. This guy is as crazy as I am. Burned Mexicans! Ahahahaha!Hysterical!!!

And who doesn’t know about the Great Wall of China past the age of 18? Who the hell is he talking to?

Don’t Know Much About History

Herman Cain has a problem. He doesn’t know shit about anything. When asked if he supports the right of return for Palestinians, he mumblefucked through a stock answer , blah blah negotiations on both sides. When he was asked about Uzbeskistan, he made fun of the country’s name, and proceeded to call it an “insignificant state”.

His latest blooper is that he knows nothing of neoconservatism. This does not surprise me, the man has shown nothing but willful ignorance ever since he hit the papers. He doesn’t appear to know anything about anything, which actually will be popular amongst the low information/Fox watchers. I don’t see much of a future for Herman, he’ll lose by a shade to Romney by my calculus. Until then, Black Walnut will keep moving up the charts. If he gets enough scratch up, he might hurt Romney, but Romney’s pockets are deep at the moment. Romney may indeed be an empty suit, but he can still take the primaries.

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