The Stupidest Candidate

Would you believe, wouldn’t you bet your life that Michele Bachmann might be brighter than a frontrunner?

While whoring out for his book and campaigning for president at the same time, it has become public knowledge that he is a scuzz bucket. And much to his chagrin, she is blabbing on him for some pretty ugly stuff. He denies it.

That’s what Bill Clinton did. Learn a lesson from Big Daddy. Just leave, Herman. The GOP will let you creep back into the fold, and then you can be your own man again. But right now, you are TOAST. I’ll toast to that, because I am tired of Herman Cain, even though I have written several posts about him. It’s just that I can’t get my head around how stupid this guy is and he wants to be my president. Unacceptable.

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