All Quiet On The Wingnut Front

It’s far from quiet where they are concerned, but for tonight, I feel warmth and glee. Our friend the preening Herman Cain, has finally self-destructed, and there is a massive vacuum in that space that belongs to Mitt Romney, who will never, ever beat Obama.

What shall I do with my free time? I can’t bitch, everything is going my way. I am politically satisfied, correctly medicated and headed back to school. Unfortunately, they have declared me an idiot when it comes to math, so I will have to take some courses with a lot of “x”s and “y”s and slopes and stuff. Shit no human being cares about, unless you are an engineer.

Now I don’t want this blog to get as personal as it has been. It’s going to be fairly political throughout, unless something else is bugging me or I feel like being funny. You motherfuckers had better come see me. I ain’t the best blogger, but if Duncan Black can post a sentence and get 400 replies about it, then I should get some attention too. I can turn a phrase. I will use some categories so WordPressers can see me. Until then , farewell for now. Some other bozo will upset me politically soon. Maybe you will upset me soon. That’s what I’m here for.

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