Eating My Words

Well, it didn’t take long for me to realize that being humble and a bit penitent was unnecessary in my dustup with Mayor Gary Jones of Grovetown.

We made state news today. The coverage was better than what we got from Aiken.

In my last post here, I felt the need to clarify what had happened to me because I sent my story to Hemant Mehta of Patheos’ Friendly Atheist and his byline rocketed this sucker to what is shaping up to be more than regional attention. A LOT of you went to give Gary the sharp side of your tongue and fingers for fucking with atheist brethren by blowing up his phone, Facebook and email. And I told you all how much I appreciate you having my back. You didn’t have to do a thing, but you did, and I think that counts for something in a world where our community is uninvited. Yet, I felt that something had been misunderstood when Hemant wrote my story. If you didn’t read the entire email exchange between Jones and I, you might have gotten the impression that I was being threatened because I am a nonbeliever. I thought that was a mischaracterization of the situation and I have asked Hemant to post my clarifications and concerns, which he has done.

I have few issues personally with going at this head on, but I have a family. I have to be sure that I don’t expose them to danger. It is not safe here to not be a Christian. Yeah, I think we have common cause with whoever does not hold the majority faith, and you can fuck right off if you want to call me an accommodationist or what have you because I think we’re in the same hot water as minority religious sects.

Anyway, if you watch the segment, the reporter said at the end that Jones has no regrets about how he acted, after I struck a conciliatory tone because I lost my temper. He also said it WAS the persistent emailing, not the name calling (total bullshit). Oh, and that’s not all. It didn’t air, but the reporter has him on camera admitting that he was “bluffing” when he threatened me with arrest. I would very much like that footage, and I’m querying the reporter as to why it wasn’t part of the story.

The reporter also told me that Jones wants to shake my hand.

I don’t think we’re there yet.

I’m in contact with an organization who wants to create “E Pluribus Unum” decals for the cars and I think the only way I will meet with Jones is if I have those decals in my left hand.

So this chess match is in the middle game. I’m not going to seek any more publicity because once again, my hands are tied because I can’t ID myself locally and I am weary  from having to be faceless. But I will still be here documenting what is happening. I will seek an end to this controversy that is satisfactory to me and I think I can do that without selling out our cause. If that is not in the cards, if indeed the national media wants to run with this, then que sera sera and we’re on our way to challenging the motto itself instead of the mayor of my tiny, bustling city.

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