Opal, You Hot Little Bitch

So sayeth Jimmy Carl Black in the uproarious prank on music itself, 200 Motels.
God, this is so much easier to do in the old WP client. Anyway. So we ALL know who Lauren Boebert is because she can’t stop talking, got shouted down by a black woman with a law degree. But the HOT news is that the Supreme Court IS stepping into the the redrawing of Alabama’s maps, which would have looked like this:
The congressional district I am communications chair of is totally safe (12th on the coast of GA). That’s the new news, but I’m sure more rulings will drop soon, and we’re edging towards WW3 because both sides have agreed to use depleted uranium shells. As expected, Biden will let Europe and Britain handle this.

I’m so glad Joe is president. You done good, chinski. Have a song on me:

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