Too Much Info

God knows there’s a lot. We’ve taken a pic of a single atom!

So much shit to discuss, and I have hours to go before my sleep meds hit. My bipolar is so bad that Benadryl feels like Sudafed, Yay! Hit me with that dumb shit that does nothing anyway. While I am at it, I will take things that are supposed to work. Excuse me.

All-korrect. Beer, Konopin, Seroquel and a touch of olanzapine. I think I need Geodon, but that;s up to my doctor, who will see me in two weeks and will be pleased by mine and my wife’s demeanor.

The Gaze. Ah, the great game that Foucault invented along with how to rehab a prisoner by giving him his own set of keys. It’s a great accomplishment. I gotta catch up with an easy primer because he was a prolific motherfucker.

Cigarette time-American Spirit Blacks. The good stuff.

I dunno, listen to Suicidal Tendencies. That will help your madness, you mad hatters who still keep up with me.





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