War All The Time

The new world order is OVER.

You’ve got Chines drones circling over Russia, American HIMARS and other short range missiles pointing at Russian foxholes and the Crimea. Russia has decided to dig in until the Ukrainians are feeling good, and then they will will be mightily surprised by the armored cav and infantry to push back.

Close calls between American patrollers and Chinese gunboats in the South China Sea.

The Palestinians are ready for a third intifada as illegal settlements go up in the West Bank, which is honestly where Israelis should go and give them their land back. Plenty of room both.

Possible nuclear war starting with sub warfare. Sea of Azov is mined to prevent Russia from keeping that sea lane open. We blew up Nordstream 2.

There’s some shit going down in India with that waste of skin Modi but I don’t remember what’s happening.

Kids, we’re either going to annihilate ourselves or we can have a quiet covert world war 3. Given that those are ore only two choices, we have to pause and say, so what if I’m pulled apart atom by atom? It won’t hurt, and I may land somewhere interesting, albeit not in the form, unless we exit this area and find ourselves on the other side.

I suppose low grade heavy combat would be over within a year’s time. Perspicacious people know how this will turn out.

Wish I knew some.

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