This Is Why We should Not Privatize The Water Works

Something funny is in the water in South Carolina- we saw functionally retarded pageant contestants a few weeks ago, and now walking head wound Lindsey Graham is on the podiums of the groupthink tanks, saying that political reconciliation in Iraq is “weeks away”:

“there will be a major breakthrough on the benchmarks regarding political reconciliation. And after the last two weeks of being a reservist, you could see Sunnis and Shia and Kurds taking a second look at Iraq…the surge has worked and the people are war weary…  reconciliation at breakneck speed….the United States is kicking their ass.”

Hey, um, South Carolina, are you really buying this? You really want to send a boob like this to Washington? Carry on, then. This guy is wrong or lying nine ways from Sunday, but will anyone take note?

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