Mr. Rajahs

That was the Republican wunderkind?

I’m staring at my screen, trying to find the words to put the SOTU rebuttal into perspective.

I feel like Charlie Kaufman in Adaptation, suddenly.

Let’s put it this way;  if politics was like the cosmos, the Democrats are dark matter, and the Republicans are the visible universe. Obama triangulated so masterfully yesterday that the right side of the aisle will be reaching for albuterol inhalers to catch their political wind for weeks. That up there is all the Republicans have, folks: DIY. We have fiddling to do. God bless you.

Does Jindal know that ten year olds can’t vote?  Because that’s the only demographic I can think of that his rebut would have appealed to.  Between Hip-Hop Harry and this little worm who would like to deny UI to his ailing population while happily Hoovering up the remainder of the federal life ring, the rebranding of the GOP is a catastrophe of eye-popping proportion.

It’s more than that. It’s high comedy.  A potpourri of embarrassing ethnic flings from a party who doesn’t believe in affirmative action. They are so obtuse that they have completely misapprehended the meaning of the Obama administration, which has very little to do with the man’s skin color and everything to do with a call to national action.  The moving hand has writ in America, slapping the invisible hand away from digging its gnarled fingers yet again into the national conscience.

Franklin God-Damned Roosevelt is in the house again. Amen, and pass the popcorn.

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