Daily Archives: March 12, 2011

We’ve Really Pissed Off Our Sick Mothers

I did lately. Got me a wall of static that I almost couldn’t hack, but we got through.

Pissed off my wife and her friends. Check. The God-Damned-Idiot is an idiot whether or not you medicate him. That is something you will learn to live with.

Today, on the other hand, there’s another pissed off mother. That mother has no name.

Some like to call her Gaia. I call her my mom. Like my own sick mother, I have been pissing her off since I was born, making a hopeless mess around for her to clean up.

Humanity has done that to itself today. I weep inside for the Nisei as they watch nuclear power yet again ravage their home. I weep for those of you who think it’s ever a good idea to tax the earth’s patience enough that it had to open up new land for you to mess up.

I leave you with a Radiohead song that I actually like. I don’t like Radiohead, but at least Yorke can pen a line if he uses a rock format:

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