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Rethinking Electricity

That’s a joke! Ha ha! I can’t rethink a snack choice. What I would like to rethink is the electric stove, which, when viewed from above, looks like it will either kill you or hypnotize you if you touch its little nubs.

Most people like to play with the stove, particularly young children if you are Facebooking while you cook, or you may be Twittering while something goes very wrong with your dinner. Each produces an unwanted outcome, ranging from burned child “a la ER” or you just confirm your secret fear that you can’t cook your way out of a Campbell’s can.

If you go into the guts of the “range”, you find that there are four, uh, places for you to put the glowing hypno-eyes into. If you fail to clean the hypno-eyes, they will eventually begin to burst into flames. And if you fail to clean the little discs underneath, so shall your chances of fire be raised by two. We use big assed-kettles here, so I have to be a little more careful with cleaning those fuckers from now on.

See, we just can’t leave well enough alone, from Japan to Wisconsin, to the road to my house and its range. It’s a dirty shame, and one that may prove dangerous for all of us. We keep pressing and pressing and things go pop. Devo runs through my head briefly, as my wife continues to lose at solitaire in the background.

Rethinking Natural Gas

After the terrible turnout of the Japanese meltdowns and the earthquakes that shattered so many lives, it has occurred to me that natural gas too is quite dangerous to use as a fossil fuel. “Fracking”, it seems, has catalyzed the earth to do funny stuff to us humans like, oh , I don’t know, have it suffer a giant size meltdown in  Japan that hit 9.0 on the Richter.

Folks, if we don’t go wind and solar yesterday, there won’t be a future to look forward to because we will say YES to greed every time and the Earth says”Oh, no…”

It’s just something to think about. I know that many people are invested heavily in these resources. It doesn’t surprise me that you might. I’d load that basket of investment with green tech because this fracking and whacking at the earth is only going to piss it off, and send you hurtling into space or the water if you are lucky. That’s the way the world works-it’s round, save for its features. What comes around…

Do I have to finish that anecdote?

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