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While I’m In That “Special Mood” You All Love So

I should pass along that the Wisconsin workers may face the National Guard. As an Iraq veteran, I can only ask that your actions are peaceful today as you muster for possible duty.

Nothing Like A Precedent To Fuck Up My Day

The Supreme Court has lost its fucking mind. I don’t give a good god-damn who that shit is written by, I’m just fucking pissed off that it happened.

8-1 in favor of Westboro Baptist’s right to protest at military funerals. Eight to one, with Alito dissenting? What? Huh?

The third branch is simply busted. John Roberts wrote the opinion, and not ONE peep from the rest of those creeps. Is John Roberts the devil, possessing legal power so great that the other justices were simply unable to whisper a concurrent “I’m sorry” opinion in his presence?

The court is packed, and it is packed with jackasses. I can’t believe the Obama appointees. Of all the shit you had to swallow, Mrs. Sotomayor and Mrs. Kagan, did it have to be THIS? Could you not at least stand up against bigotry and find a reason to dissent?

I’m just baffled. This is a win for free speech, but I just had to say something about this shit to someone. I can’t countenance the idea that Fred Phelps has more sense in him than the Supreme Court. It’s Ativan time, fuck this shit.

If You Feel The Need To Throw Spam Here…

Don’t. It’s boring, it upsets me, and I will embarrass you if you do it. That’s the problem with me. I won’t even delete your spam comments, that’s how good a mood I am in. Trading links, now that is the proper bloggy thing to do. I like that.

A Day In The Life Of A Retard

That’s me! The God-Damned Idiot I keep on posting about. Apparently, I have said “yes” to babysitting a runt pug dog. It’s fucking cage is right next to me, which is where the dog belongs but I feel like I ought to crawl into it. Know why?

Too many animals in the house. This is such bullshit. One of my cats is walking around with a pair of balls the size of kiwi fruits, and there’s all kinds of dogs in the house. There is one smart animal in the house, the half-Siamese, who is waiting patiently for all of us to die even if it takes 15 years of her life to see that it happens. I’ve got two other dogs; what the fuck am I doing with a third one? I love the people who put it here, but damn, I have enough entities running to and fro who are going to shit in my house today. I would jab syringes of Ativan into my nictitating membranes if I had the fucking guts to take them anywhere besides my ass.

Score: homo sapiens 1, canus guardus 1, canus painus 1, canus runtus 1, feline domesticata 1, feline kiwifruitus 1.

One human, three dogs, and two cats, home alone. I will be chasing two shitting and pissing dogs all day, and making sure neither I nor my other dogs break the pug. When do I get to eat today? What will I do at noon when the air conditioning cleaners show up?

I’m Gonna Say This Once More…

You are free to say what you want here. I do not care what you think, nor is it likely that I will care about the way you think.

I have no comment policy; if you want to blow in here like Richard Pryor on a bender, go ahead. I swear a lot myself.I have bipolar disorder and PTSD. There is little in life that will shock me, especially a few little words.

Be mean.

Be yourself.

After all, that’s what I do.  Now go read someone else while I think of something that pisses me off.

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