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Vindicating Myself As An Underappreciated Trendsetter

Roy Edroso hips me to the fact that Fox might dust off some of Peter Bagge’s old work and put it on Fox as a TV show.

It isn’t going to be Hate, I’m sad to say, but it looks like The whole Bradley family will be getting the treatment. I can’t tell you how many times I saw poor me in the Buddy Bradley strips, with all of his zits and his booze and his music, and wondering if anyone cares about anything at all. Sad time in my life, the 20s.

I have to ask myself…would I watch it? Would it tank? I guess I would watch it, at least record it, maybe buy it when it hits the supermarket. Art, like wine, has to either chill or be left open to breathe, and I tend to treat every piece of art this way. When the public breathes its nasty germs on it, is that good for the work? Typically, never. Art must repel and be repulsive these days, with a few exceptions like Kate MacDowell whose work compels interest.

I gotta go for now, but good luck, Pete!

Music You Don’t Deserve

Fuck all of you. Listen up, this is your theme. Did you slip your disco, you sorry things?

Nature-Why Is It Quiet When You Are Insane?

How do you get anything done with pets in the house? I have 70 million fucking things to do from spackling the wall to washing my asshole and all I get from them is silence.

The trees are quiet. The birds are bored. Even my half-Siamese has nothing to say except her water tastes like shit and I am a lousy owner. Fortunately, Ken Salazar, Scretary of the Interior (which is where we decide how to kick nature around in the United States)  has struck down developer requests to make a landfill out of something called “The Joshua Tree”.

This is also a very bad record by U2, a band that sucked to start with and then decided to sell out and make a zoo or something. Whatever. They are millionaires and I write a blog. U2 sucks.You suck. I guarantee it.

Got no stories today except the fucking pets are losing it. However, in a little corner of the Internet, someone is working harder than I am to make the news palatable and funny.

Ladies, Roger. Roger, Ladies.

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