Nature-Why Is It Quiet When You Are Insane?

How do you get anything done with pets in the house? I have 70 million fucking things to do from spackling the wall to washing my asshole and all I get from them is silence.

The trees are quiet. The birds are bored. Even my half-Siamese has nothing to say except her water tastes like shit and I am a lousy owner. Fortunately, Ken Salazar, Scretary of the Interior (which is where we decide how to kick nature around in the United States)  has struck down developer requests to make a landfill out of something called “The Joshua Tree”.

This is also a very bad record by U2, a band that sucked to start with and then decided to sell out and make a zoo or something. Whatever. They are millionaires and I write a blog. U2 sucks.You suck. I guarantee it.

Got no stories today except the fucking pets are losing it. However, in a little corner of the Internet, someone is working harder than I am to make the news palatable and funny.

Ladies, Roger. Roger, Ladies.

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