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Being The Bigger Dick

The Donald is sucking all the air out of the GOP’s space. The other 43,879 candidates need to do something to get some face time. Enter Ben Carson, who decides to pick on people doing their penance:

At an event in Arlington, Virginia, on Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson revealed that he, too, had visited federal prisons—and had a much different takeaway.

“I was flabbergasted by the accommodations—the exercise equipment, the libraries and the computers,” he said. He said he was told that “a lot of times when it’s about time for one of the guys to be discharged, especially when its winter, they’ll do something so they can stay in there.”

“I think that we need to sometimes ask ourselves, ‘Are we creating an environment that is conducive to comfort where a person would want to stay, versus an environment where we maybe provide them an opportunity for rehabilitation but is not a place that they would find particularly comfortable?'” he told reporters.

Now Ben Carson pulls a lot of things out of his ass, like the time he insinuated that your environment makes you gay. What the hell is this guy’s issue with prisoners, anyway? I’d like to see some numbers on how many people actually earn themselves more time for bad behavior because they don’t want to leave the hoosegow. Now I may be pulling something out of my ass, but I’d aver that few people want to be locked up. It sounds terrible. I don’t care how many amenities you might have-you are still, ultimately, unfree. And that’s an intolerable state to be in for a long fucking time. That’s life going by, with no purpose. Time you will never get back. It’s a madhouse with bars.

Maybe I’m a little soft on crime. I think the prison system is cruel and unusual, especially max facilities. And we consistently fail to find ex-cons a way to join polite society in such a way that they don’t go back to doing the things that got them locked up. Maybe that’s why they’d rather stay in-for the three hots and a cot-but that is a poor substitute for actual freedom. I don’t buy his claim, and I think he’s a soulless piece of shit for desiring to be a little crueler to the truly fucked.

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