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Tyranny Of The Majority

Those who do not have a god are not often taken seriously. My own family has insinuated that I am going through “a phase”. I’m 43. I don’t have any phases left. I don’t even think I will go through an easy listening or country music phase as I get longer in the tooth. I’m about the most complete me I can be. And you can go get fucked if you don’t like it.

I have said that no one, if given the choice, would sign up to be a minority(unless you have the chutzpah that say, a Rachel Dolezal has). However, I guess that’s what I have done. And maybe I should get loud and stand up for my rights just like any other marginalized and vilified group. We’re winning our respect slowly but surely. Thanks to the penumbra of the First Amendment, I do not have to put up with religious bullshit in my government or tolerate disenfranchisement in my community. And you know what? That’s good for you and me, Christians.Your bumptious attempts to inject religion into every public space you can have earned you the ire of Satanists and the mockery of other assorted freethinkers. Whine all you like. This absurdity will continue unless you let go of the notion that this is a Christian nation .

Now I don’t have a thin skin. Perhaps I take offense at egregious bigotry and cruelty. But my main emotion when I catch wind of something like this is not one of umbrage. I’m just irritated. Annoyed. Sick to death of this bullshit. Teed off. Not offended. There’s a subtle but stark difference. I think “taking offense” is a dirtied phrase; claiming “offense” is derided by bigots. The proper response is indignation. We gotta just get mad. And we gotta get proactive. These days are ripe for social change. We’re entering a new age of Aquarius, in a manner of speaking. The walls are crumbling. I am more optimistic than ever, even as our heroes are found to be mere men.

Forward, friends. Stick together and we will change this country by hook or crook.

Enjoy While It Lasts

So far, Donald Trump is made of Teflon. It seems that he can say whatever he wants-no matter how outrageous it is and somehow maintain a commanding lead in most Republican polls. I don’t have anything to add on this subject that hasn’t already been said. But it’s worth noting how easy it is to be a egomaniacal lunatic and still score points with Republican voters. Trump is having the time of his life fucking with the system, and people hate the system so much that they’re ready to elect anyone who shits on it.

Sadly, the Donald is cooked in the long game. Republicans are very fickle; they have a flavor of the month during these contests. Trump will fuck up eventually or simply peter out because he’s in front too early. It’s the kiss of death. Observe this chart of the 2012 race; you’ll see that several “fringe” candidates found favor with voters for a time, only to ebb and virtually disappear.

It may take a while, but Bush 3 will be chugging along quietly behind buffoons like Trump, waiting for the clown car to empty out. What remains to be seen is who will be next whackadoodle to hold the mic for a few months. I can’t wait!

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