Iraq And Roll

I have not been consistent on my feelings about the fate of Iraq. In May, I suggested that Iraq is kaput, finished as a nation and there’s not a thing we can do about it. This month, I said that if we want to rid Iraq of ISIS, we should go balls deep into that country with the type of overwhelming force that Colin Powell espoused. Or, we can say fuck it. It’s never going to be a humanitarian mission-it will forever be about keeping that black gold for ourselves. Clinton isn’t bound by the campaign promise that President Obama made, and so far she isn’t giving any signals that she won’t re-invade. Fighting ISIS is going to be one of her first challenges.

I can’t have it both ways. Or, I’m ambivalent on the subject. Sorry about that. I should not be so willing to send our boys back to the desert. However, some of them really get off on killing. I know this firsthand, so shove it.

Anyway, we’re inching as close as we can to sending ground troops. “Advisers” and other troops are going to “embed” with Iraqi units.

Air strikes and advisers. Hmm. The quagmire deepens, and the long hard slog isn’t done.

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