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What Are We Waiting For?

I’d like an answer as to why the mother lovers holing up in that federal preserve move freely and are able to get press.

Hello, FBI? Looking at you. The sovereign citizen concept must be given a burial. Now, they’ve cut power, and that is a big step since it ain’t warm in Oregon,but they should cut the water too. Once they are freezing and dehydrated, that might smoke them out. If not, use real smoke, tear gas and go in and get these yahoos.

If we don’t deal with these lawbreakers, it sends a message to other would be militamen to carve out their own sovereign state. It’s sedition and it has to stop someplace. If we do this right, we don’t have to have a Ruby Ridge or a Waco.

I Have Lost Interest In Ben Carson

I still hate him with every fiber of my body. But the real reason for giving up abusing Ben is that I can’t keep up with the stupid fucking things he says. As an ancillary reason, it’s because his run for president is doomed-he peaked too early,  lied a lot and generally fell asleep during every interview he took part in. As a consolation prize, he gets to go on speaking tours, ghostwrite more books, and perhaps land a gig in radio like Herman Cain did.

Juust one more time. Allow me that and I am done:

There is at least one fifth-grader who will not soon forget Ben Carson’s visit Thursday to Cedar Rapids, Iowa: The one whom Carson helped single out as his class’s “worst student” before a crowd of hundreds.

It happened when the Republican presidential candidate was trying to make a self-deprecating joke about his own academic ineptitude in grade school.

“As a fifth-grade student, I was a horrible student,” Carson said, according to video captured by CBS News. “Anybody here in fifth grade? Who’s the worst student?”

More than a half dozen students turned and pointed at one particular classmate, according to the Des Moines Register, and the room erupted in laughter.

Has this guy ever met any children? If so, he would know not to give them an opportunity to destroy another kid’s reputation. School is hard enough without being ridiculed in assembly. Ben may not have meant it that way, but it doesn’t matter-the fact is that he had no foresight as to what his words would do.

Carson’s boat may have too many holes in it to save him, but I think this torpedo ends his run once and for all.





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