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By now, you’ve seen more than one example of “family values” people that are not. One sleazebucket in Tennessee got caught sexting to young women, and hopefully it is a career ender:

Tennessee Republican leaders were told of a potential sexual harassment complaint about House Majority Whip Jeremy Durham’s behavior about a week before an unprecedented House GOP caucus meeting to decide the fate of his leadership role, but the specific concerns were never disclosed to his fellow legislators, Republican lawmakers confirmed.

One woman in her mid-20s, who worked in various capacities at the statehouse, said during the 2013 legislative session, Durham repeatedly sent text messages and Facebook messages, sometimes late into the night.

One text message, after 10 p.m., says he misses her.

In another text, at about 1:30 a.m., Durham asks her for pictures.

A second woman, in her early 20s whose work required her to be at the statehouse, also said she received dozens of text messages from Durham during the 2013 session and after. A text from Durham, sent at about 1 a.m., asks the woman for pictures. 

“He would come up with these ideas and I would just be like, ‘Are you crazy?’ ”

It’s not the sexting that bothers me so much as he, like many a Christian family values asswipe, takes hypocrisy to a new level bit by bit. I can handle sleazy. What I can’t stand is the Janus-faced fuckballs who jerk off with one hand and praise the lord to the rafters with the other.

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Just yesterday, I was up Obama’s ass for deployment of troops to Iraq. But it’s his last year, and he is going to run out of ink in his executive order pen to make good. Today, with one stroke, he eliminated juvenile solitary and confinement for low level infractions. This will affect up to 10,00 people in federal prisons across the country. You can read the whole thing here.

Ol’ Zandar there is a good resource. Check him out some time.

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