Keep It Like A Secret

The evangelist, Pentecostal movement that is growing in America needs to do one thing, if they do anything:

Save souls. It’s a little confusing. They have personal relationships with Jesus, but they need to tell other people about it.

Every non-Christian and Catholic knows how annoying this is, except for the few that get scared of eternal punishment and profess fealty to Christ during a “witnessing”. They’re just as pesky as Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses, without the door knocking. Now, it’s your dad or your mom who has found Jesus by going to a charismatic church and dancing and flailing about because the Holy Spirit moved them. Then they learn how to say very long prayers when you are hungry. All of it is a pain in the ass.

So, to show you just how far this “witnessing” goes, see here:

A 14-year-veteran of the Indiana State Police was fired Thursday for allegedly proselytizing to people he stopped for traffic violations.

The lawsuit claims Hamilton gave Pyle a warning ticket for speeding, then asked her what church she attended and whether she was saved.

She says she did not feel free to leave while the questions were being asked. She filed a formal complaint about the stop. 

Well, it’s good to know that someone thinks this is not OK. It’s not religious freedom. It’s harassment, if you want to boil it down. Your intentions are good, officer. But shut up anyway.




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