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Fuck Around, Find Out

A couple of crooks had a rude awakening yesterday, relating to a Colorado election:

The FBI on Tuesday raided the home of a Colorado election clerk and three others in an investigation into a voting system security breach.

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, a Republican, was accused by state officials in August of helping to leak voting system passwords to a right-wing blog. Peters later appeared at MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s conspiracy-laden “cyber-symposium,” where the pillow magnate promised but failed to produce evidence of election-rigging. Peters later briefly went into hiding with Lindell’s help amid FBI scrutiny.

On Tuesday morning, the FBI and local prosecutors raided Peters’ home.

Here’s what she did:

A judge last month banned Peters from overseeing elections in her county after a lawsuit filed by Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, a Democrat. Griswold led an investigation over the summer that found that Peters shut off surveillance systems and allowed an unauthorized person to access the county’s voting system during a security update. Just days later, Ron Watkins, a Qanon conspiracy theorist believed to be one of the masterminds behind the movement, published photos of election equipment that he said he received from a whistleblower. Watkins and the far-right blog Gateway Pundit also published passwords unique to Mesa County officials used to access the county’s Dominion voting system computers and servers. Two copies of the Dominion server hard drive were later published as well. Griswold in August ordered dozens of pieces of the county’s election equipment to be decertified over the security breach and appointed a supervisor to oversee the county’s future elections.

Did she really think no one was going to see that she shut the cameras off? These dumbshits would be dangerous if they weren’t so stupid.

The FBI also sent a little chin music Lauren Boebert’s way as well:

The FBI also raided a home in Garfield County, Rubinstein confirmed. Lindell said one of the homes raided belongs to Sherronna Bishop, a Garfield County resident who served as Rep. Lauren Boebert’s, R-Colo., campaign manager. Bishop has been one of Peters’ most prominent allies in stoking unfounded allegations of voting machine problems in the election and hinted at a rally last month that she was privy to unreleased data from Mesa County and Lindell’s “cybersecurity team.”

It makes you wonder when Mike Lindell himself is going to get his dick caught in the mashed potatoes. How smart is it to be taking “evidence” from criminals? When he’s giving plum interviews to really big ones, it seems likely.

Mixed Nuts

Check out this specimen that showed out for Kyle Rittenhouse, complete with rebel infantry hat:

So What You’re Saying Is That We Are Fucked

There’s no two ways to read this klaxon of an article:

A recent analysis of legislative redistricting maps from across the United States showcases the vast influence of political gerrymandering, which will likely benefit the Republican Party in next year’s 2022 midterm races — even if voters’ preferences haven’t changed since Democrats won in 2020.

According to reporting from The New York Times, Republicans are set to “flip” five seats in the House from Democrats, based on the proposed maps that are being redrawn in most states. Those five seats will likely change hands not because of voters’ desires for new leaders, but because the maps are “more distorted, more disjointed and more gerrymandered than any since the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965,” The Times reported.

Currently, Democrats control 221 seats in the House, while Republicans have 213 seats. If five Democrats lose their elections next year, control of the House would switch parties, giving Republicans power over that legislative chamber.

That’s the ballgame. The Democratic Party’s agenda and the Biden presidency is on borrowed time. And I don’t think Joe Manchin is going to lift a finger to stop it from happening.

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