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Empty Threats

So Eric Trump was on the receiving end on one of the now well-known “burner” phones that were purchased by January 6th rally organizers. Reports of this spread like napalm.

This is making him have a sad. He got righteously indignant and threatened to sue The Palmer Report for defaming him. He’s real big and bad for going after the small but influential blog, even though every news outlet you can think of passed that shit around like Thanksgiving mashed potatoes.

I have my problems with Palmer, but they did nothing outside the bounds of ordinary reportage.

If Only

Rumors are swirling that Tucker Carlson’s nightly antics are causing more chaos at Fox than originally thought. I mean, you know it’s bad when the author of “Liberal Fascism” thinks you’ve gone too far.

Fox News staff are divided and tensions are growing as Tucker Carlson’s support for political violence and domestic terrorism is splitting the network.

According to five people with direct knowledge, the resignations reflect larger tumult within Fox News over Carlson’s series Patriot Purge and his increasingly strident stances, and over the network’s willingness to let its opinion stars make false, paranoid claims against President Biden, his administration and his supporters.

Veteran figures on Fox’s news side, including political anchors Baier and Chris Wallace, shared their objections with Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott and its president of news, Jay Wallace. Those objections rose to Lachlan Murdoch, the chairman and CEO of the network’s parent company, Fox Corp.

That’s great and all, but Fox’s audience comes for the red meat. They’re not a legitimate news channel, more of a right wing propaganda clearinghouse. I don’t see Fox cleaning its act up soon-in fact, with channels like OAN and Newsmax nipping at their heels, I expect them to get worse as they vie for wingnut eyeballs.

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