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Things Could Be Worse

You might be tempted to think we are the only country suffering from vaccine stupidity. You would be wrong:

Two people were being treated in hospital in Rotterdam on Saturday after they were seriously injured when police fired shots during a demonstration against Covid-19 restrictions.

In what the Dutch city’s mayor described as an “orgy of violence”, crowds of several hundred rioters torched cars, set off fireworks and threw rocks at police during the protests on Friday evening. Police responded with warning shots and water cannon.

The government has said it wants to introduce a law that would allow businesses to restrict the country’s coronavirus pass system to people who are fully vaccinated or have recovered from Covid-19, which would exclude people who test negative.

The country has reported record numbers of infections in recent days and a new partial lockdown came into force a week ago. Cases are rising across Europe because of a combination of low vaccine uptake, waning immunity among people already inoculated and growing complacency about masks and distancing after governments relaxed curbs over the summer.

All this over a harmless shot. It’s hard to fathom sometimes.

Holiday Weirdness

Check out this article about Thanksgiving at the turn of the century. Pretty neat stuff about how Thanksgiving was a little…touched back then.

MarketWatch Is Full Of Shit

Who runs the site MarketWatch? Because some of its writers are crackheads.

Ah. NewsCorp. Big surprise.

Their hair is on fire about inflation, but the lies they are telling about the prices of certain goods are laughable:

Investors like Jay Hatfield of Infrastructure Capital Advisors, along with Stifel Chief Economist Lindsey Piegza, say the Fed has “lost control” of inflation. Big-name firms like bond giant PIMCO are warning that the headline CPI rate is likely reaching 7% over the next several months. And average Americans are paying as much as $100 to $200 for a single concert ticket, $90 for a bottle of wine, and $5 a gallon for gas while the Federal Reserve is sticking to its view in its Nov. 3 policy statement that inflation pressures are expected to prove transitory.

It is demonstrably true that prices are going up. But you can make that point without going into fantasyland. My last concert cost me $35 a ticket to see Dead and Co., which many of you will recognize as a high-tier act. The show before that was Wilco, which cost about the same. Again, not a small act at all. To me, there’s no show worth going to for a hundred a pop, not even the damn Rolling Stones. So you’re kind of a weirdo if you are paying such exorbitant prices to see acts.

And has the author ever shopped for a bottle of wine in her life? Ninety dollars? Hon, you can get a perfectly respectable California wine for less than fifteen dollars. You can even go cheaper and still not be drinking rotgut. No wine drinker, even a well heeled one is shelling out that much for their vino.

Admittedly, gas prices are alarmingly high, but it’s still an exaggeration to say it’s five a gallon. And gas prices may not have much to do with policy-driven inflationary pressure-it could be geopolitics.

All of this makes me doubt her anecdote about the twelve dollar burrito. And the rest of her analysis.

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