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More Fuckery

Sneaky shit in Ohio from 2020:

Federal and state investigators are examining an attempt to breach an Ohio county’s election network that bears striking similarities to an incident in Colorado earlier this year, when government officials helped an outsider gain access to the county voting system in an effort to find fraud.

The resultant data wound up in Mike Lindell’s hands. Nothing of consequence was obtained.

The attempted breach in Ohio occurred on May 4 inside the county office of John Hamercheck, the Republican chairman of the Lake County Board of Commissioners, according to two individuals with knowledge of the incident, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigations. State and county officials said no sensitive data were obtained, but they determined that a private laptop was plugged into the county network in Hamercheck’s office, and that the routine network traffic captured by the computer was circulated at the same Lindell conference as the data from the Colorado breach.

County records obtained by The Post through a public-records request show that Hamercheck, an engineer and retired police officer, used his security badge to swipe into the fifth floor offices multiple times during the roughly six-hour period when, according to the leaked data, the laptop was intermittently connected to the county network on May 4, the date of Ohio’s spring primaries.

Ohio election officials said they first learned of the attempted Lake County breach after Lindell’s August symposium, where he promised to unveil evidence of widespread fraud across the country.

Copies of the Mesa County hard drive were presented publicly there, and cyber experts in attendance said they also received copies of network data obtained from Lake, Mesa and Clark County, Nev. Lindell told The Post on Friday that the network data were distributed by a rogue attendee without his knowledge or permission.

I think it’s high time we start asking if Mike Lindell was soliciting these breaches. That clown is a shady character and he trafficks with Trump.

We Came Real Close

By now, we have been made aware of the myriad ways that Donald Trump tried to ratfuck the 2020 election. Arizona was particularly under attack:

John C. Eastman — a far-right attorney, Donald Trump ally, MAGA Republican and prominent figure in the Claremont Institute — has horrified constitutionalists because of his authoritarian plan to overturn the 2020 presidential election results. And one of the Republicans he reached out to directly, according to the Arizona Republic, was Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers.

Referencing reporting in the Arizona Republic, Talking Points Memo’s Cristina Cabrera notes that on January 4, 2021, Eastman contacted Bowers directly “to pitch a legal theory on how Arizona’s electors ought to be tossed away before Congress” certified “the electoral votes on January 6.”

Cabrera notes, “Eastman has claimed he was only…. offering hypotheticals and had no intention of overturning the election. But January 4, the day he spoke to Bowers, was also the day he presented his election-stealing scheme to (Vice President Mike) Pence. Both reported examples show Eastman pressing Republicans to subvert the election, not simply offering disinterested legal advice.”

According to Cabrera, “Eastman’s reported conversation with Bowers fell on the same day as the attorney’s Oval Office meeting with Pence, during which Eastman laid out his now-infamous memo explaining how the vice president could hijack Congress’ certification process to keep Trump in power. Eastman proposed that Pence throw out electors from the swing states Biden had won, including Arizona, and let the GOP-controlled state legislatures or U.S. House Republicans choose new electors…. The Arizona Republic’s new report on Eastman apparently trying to personally lobby an individual state Republican leader reveals the extent to which the lawyer tried to make his cloak-and-dagger scheme, which was fully backed by Trump, a reality.”

Democracy survived this time-but with some of the changes initiated by GOP controlled legislatures, will it a second time?

Killer Kyle

Well, Kyle Rittenhouse walked today, garnering five not guilty counts after killing two people and wounding a third, after wandering around shooting protesters far from his neighborhood.

It’s a travesty of justice, no doubt. But what it portends is really what’s unnerving. It could chill protest in this country, making people fearful that they are not protected when they exercise their first amendment rights. The right in this country has an itchy trigger finger, and is looking for an excuse to, in the words of Marjorie Taylor Greene, “shed some blood”. They’re already doing things like gussying up in tactical gear at school board meetings.

It worries me that Trump’s first term was just a dry run for a much more violent, authoritarian America to come. Democrats are losing the message war thanks to a media that enjoyed the Trump circus more than it does the legislative accomplishments of the party. People aren’t seeing the positives because no one is showing them in a way they can understand. Democrats will not be able to hold the line against the much easier to digest rancor of outlets like Fox News. The end result will be a marked coarsening of the discourse in America, punctuated by stochastic violence.

The future is supposed to be brighter. But the new optimism is about to be strangled in the crib by hate.

UPDATE: Jerry Nadler wants DOJ to review the case for the interstate weapons charge, civil rights violations, and hate crimes prosecution.

Coal For Christmas

Look, let’s not kid ourselves. Not everything Democrats do is wise and just. The reality is, we still live in something of a corporatocracy, and politicians of all stripes are often going to craft policy that favors them. There’s a revolving door from the industries to government.

Welcome through the door, Brad Crabtree.

Perhaps in a sop to Joe Manchin, Crabtree’s nomination signals that tomorrow’s energy policy will still be dictated by polluters. Instead of moving further towards renewables, money will now be directed at the process of carbon capture, which is expensive, and takes up a lot of real estate. And no one knows where to put all the carbon.

To make matters more interesting, Build Back Better is increasing the amount of tax credits a plant can get by capturing. This will result in a nice windfall for the industry. I guess it is a rule that something must be lucrative for it to get done. But it’s not much more than a fancy bribe.

We’re not going to learn until we burn, are we?

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