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Dying Right

At age 49 and relatively healthy, I don’t do a whole lot of thinking about death. I know that the last years of enjoying life with anything approaching passion are upon me, but there will be a new chapter ahead with its own charms, like watching my children navigate the world and perhaps make babies of their own. Life’s not done with me, and I am not done with it yet.

However, if something terrible happens healthwise to me, I would like to go quietly rather than live in constant pain. I am pro-euthanasia. Everyone should have the right to end a difficult life on their terms.

Philip Nitschke has made the death with dignity journey a bit less frightening. He has engineered “The Sarco“, a printable pod that allows users to die by hypoxia, which sounds scary but all it does is merely replace the air in the pod with nitrogen. No suffocating feeling at all, just deep breaths of something that will cause you to lose consciousness and eventually die.

It’s hard to fathom for me right now that I would have to do this. Because once it starts, there is no turning back. It would take a great deal of meditation for me to choose any type of assisted suicide. But I am glad the Sarco could be out there for those who are sure. It sounds like the most humane, painless death I could think of, with applications beyond right to die. It could humanize criminal justice systems who punish with death.

With all that is horrible in the world today, it’s refreshing that some people are choosing to better the human experience. Whatever stops suffering gets a thumbs up from me.

More Trump Slime Stonewalling

Meet Jeffrey Clark. He’s about to get himself charged for criminal contempt by the Jan 6 committee if he doesn’t show up in ten days time.

What was his role in post-election fuckery? Amonng other things, trying to get the Georgia Legislature to interfere with the democratic process and get them to appoint new slates of electors, and hoping other contested states would follow suit. This practice of nullifying electors seems to be the preferred way in which Trump could have completed his coup. That mechanism was rejected by then acting AG Jeffrey Rosen, and Clark almost found himself AG as a result.

Just another example of how we could have lost all the marbles if the norms of our democracy were shattered. And we are sadly not out of peril.

Nervous Nellie

John Eastman is whining to Tucker Carlson about the Jan 6 commission:

Fox viewers are unaware, or perhaps don’t care that this apparatchik authored a series of memos detailing how Mike Pence could subvert the 2020 election results and declare Trump the winner.

Thank the gods that Trump’s team was incompetent. A coup was in the making.

Teflon Don

‘Member when Trump shitcanned James Comey over Russian collusion by members of the Trump administration?

Yeah, he got away with that.

Yesterday, he admitted to Mark Levin that had he not fired Comey, he might not be talking to Levin about his new book and his four years.

Yep. Fired Comey over the Russia investigation, not because of his mishandling of the Clinton investigation. And I bet you anything he’s gonna get away with it even though the statute of limitations has not expired.

They say it’s impossible to bring down the powerful, but they were an ass hair from getting Nixon. Why can’t we get this joker, who’s infinitely easier to bag?

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