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Joking Gun

A second “how to” for Trump to subvert the elections has surfaced in a trove of emails handed over by Mark Meadows. Now some of you might think: is this the blueprint? Is this the “gotcha”?

I‘ll link you to it. To me it looks like complete gibberish, the kind of paranoid thing that the Birchers would dream up. For all of Trump’s millions, he never gets a good return on his investments, especially if this is they type of thing that he’s paying people to dream up to maintain his hold on power.

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

Are these two just jerking each other off to dreams of revolution? Or should we pay attention?

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on Thursday talked with conservative broadcaster Steve Bannon about a plan to use “4,000 shock troops” to take over the jobs of federal government employees.

“Understand, this is a theory of governing,” Bannon agreed. “It’s fresh and it’s new. This is Trumpism in power. That’s when we went to the 4,000 shock troops we have to have that’s going to man the government. Get them ready now. Right? We’re going to hit the beach with the landing teams and the beachhead teams and all that nomenclature they use when President Trump wins in 2024 — or before.”

“You’re going to have those as the 4,000 political appointees,” he continued. “No more powderpuff derby. This is going to be hardcore accountability at every committee [in Congress].”

Yes,” Gaetz replied. “And we’re going to go after this administrative state and we’re going to start at the Department of Justice and the FBI. That’s the job I want. You know, send me over to the Judiciary Committee and their sphincters will tighten because they have been doing a lot of corrupt things over there.”

I ain’t scared yet, but too many members of the Republican Party are flirting dangerously with ideas of destruction and mayhem that will fundamentally transform America. The status quo may be boring, but that’s no reason to tear the state down.

Let’s Clear Something Up

I do not give one single fuck about the January 6th protest. I don’t give a fat shit how many buses Charlie Kirk and Ginni Thomas used to get Trump supporters there. I don’t care that Trump officials and family members organized the event.

That was their First Amendment right and I support them in voicing their concern about the outcome of the election.

The only thing I really care about is if that riot was planned by the organizers of the protest. I care if Trump cadre and members of Congress colluded with extremist groups and frenzied Trump supporters to storm the Capitol building to stop the counting of the votes.

That’s what I want the January 6 commission to find out. What I need to know is if that riot was part of a planned coup and not just some nilly-willy wilders with pointy sticks.

Nothing else matters to me. We already know the extent to which they tried to challenge the results; they were rebuffed at every turn. We know that members of Congress rose to decertify the vote. They too failed in stopping democracy. The thing that concerns me is if they organized a mob and used Americans primed for violence to seize control of the seat of government. I don’t want blackshirts in my fucking country.

Tucker Carlson Is An Asshole And A Fucking Joke

Believe it or not, some waterheads still believe that the Capitol attack was not perpetrated by Trump supporters. And everyone’s favorite asshole and mine, Tucker Carlson, smells false flag in the air as well. He says that there were “agents provocateurs” there, inciting and weaponizing the crowd.

He’s drawn attention to a man seen on the front lines of the riot in red face paint, claiming he is clearly “law enforcement” because he has not been charged with a crime.

“Who is this person? Why hasn’t he been charged? That’s a very simple ask.”, Tucker says.

Sorry, Tucker. He’s one of yours.

He is mainly known to St. Louis Cardinals fans as “Rally Runner,” HuffPost has learned, and he sprints around the outside of Busch Stadium during home games. Based on the man’s Facebook posts, he appears to have a fairly difficult life and has a tenuous relationship with reality. And he’s a huge Tucker Carlson fan.

“Rally Runner” is somewhat of a local celebrity in St. Louis. A photo of him was featured in The St. Louis Post-Dispatch in October 2013, when the Cardinals reached the World Series. The man, who did not provide a name, told the paper his running “strengthens the spirit for the Cardinals to get the energy to win.” (They lost to the Red Sox in six games that year.) He also told St. Louis magazine in 2016 that running around the stadium was “spiritual,” that his “memory is horrible” and that he’d like to publish his journal as a book.

“Rally Runner” has built up a decent Facebook following, and, like millions of his fellow Facebook users who supported the former president, he also got swept up in lies that the 2020 presidential election had been stolen from Trump. He documented it all online, including his trip to Washington for the Jan. 6 rally that became a riot. He appears in many pictures taken that day — standing out in his signature red face paint, with a red “Keep America Great” hat standing in for his usual Cardinals cap. Online sleuths investigating the U.S. Capitol attack have nicknamed him #RedFace45 and tipped HuffPost off about his identity after Carlson’s show Monday.

Tucker Carlson will fall for anything. The more outrageous and conspiratorial, the better. That way, he doesn’t have to prove anything, ever-he’s merely “asking questions”. And his viewers have a memory like a retarded gnat so they won’t notice that their Lewiis Prothero is a complete dipshit.

Dog-Whistling Over The Dark

Georgia’s David Perdue is not worthy of respresenting anyone. He got creamed in his 2020 debate with Jon Ossoff so bad that he didn’t show up for the next one. He is truly craven and a tool.

But he’s back, and he wants to see if he can knock Brian Kemp off in a primary. I don’t see it happening, but he has secured Trump’s imprimatur. We’ll see if there’s enough Trumpers out there to make the difference.

Anyway, Perdue is out on Fox making the claim that Kemp allowed Stacey Abrams to take control of the election.

“Over my dead body will we ever do what Kemp did, and that is turn our elections over to Stacey Abrams,” said Perdue, who lost his US Senate seat to Democrat Jon Ossoff in early 2021. “We’ll never let that happen again.”

Now, there was a legal settlement between Democrats and Georgia election officials, establishing standards for absentee voting. But Abrams had nothing to do with it at all. Nothing.

This is Georgia we’re talking about here, and we’re not above a little bit of racism. I can say that because I live in Georgia. And that’s what I think Perdue is using here-the image of the scaaaaary black woman, taking the white man’s right to his government and his freedumb.

Again, Kemp’s probably not going anywhere. The Trump brand, though still potent, is tarnished. But if he does manage to seize the nomination, Stacey Abrams is going to hurt his feelings in the debates. And the blue-ification of Georgia, at least in the larger sense, will be completed.

Anything Not To Get A Simple Shot

Ron Johnson (R-WI) is a fucking idiot:

The senator has been criticized for spreading conspiracy theories about the coronavirus and has promoted the use of drugs that have shown little to no evidence that they are effective in treating covid-19.

Now he’s even recommending mouthwash as a treatment.

“Standard gargle, mouthwash, has been proven to kill the coronavirus,” Johnson claimed at a town hall on Wednesday. “If you get it, you may reduce viral replication. Why not try all these things?”

Because most infections come through the nose, you complete and utter clown.

Help your voters stay healthy and just get the fucking shot, mang.

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