Joking Gun

A second “how to” for Trump to subvert the elections has surfaced in a trove of emails handed over by Mark Meadows. Now some of you might think: is this the blueprint? Is this the “gotcha”?

I‘ll link you to it. To me it looks like complete gibberish, the kind of paranoid thing that the Birchers would dream up. For all of Trump’s millions, he never gets a good return on his investments, especially if this is they type of thing that he’s paying people to dream up to maintain his hold on power.

About The Head Seminarian

I went to war, I went to father, I came, I saw, and it is a mess. I wouldn't have it any other way. Shitty people amuse me, people who act like human volcanoes fascinate me like fine art. Life is beautiful, and it is under attack in a manner heretofore unseen in history. I might be writing a blog. Yes, that's all I am doing, now that I think about it. Even I forget sometimes, so we're cool.

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