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Digital Evangelism

I think there’s a significant portion of people who turn to God because their lives are a mess or they’re just too painful. The theory being, if they can’t find comfort in this life, they will have a better one when they leave it. I get it; life is a bear sometimes and it’s a nice thought that suffering will end and you will be enveloped by eternal love if you just hew to Jesus. Really, I don’t have a problem with it at all. Generally, I only object when it pushes itself into my government. I am a firm believer in freedom of religion, and I am one of those atheists who believe that I am afforded freedom from religion as a corollary to that simple, effective concept.

It’s the 21st century, and COVID has been a major disruptor of regular society. People are afraid to gather in groups, and that’s poison for churches. There’s now a technical solution to the problem, though; there’s this new company named Gloo that is doing data mining for churches and looking online for people with troubled lives for churches to reach out to. It’s a little creepy, as the company says it has data on 245 million individuals. If people can’t go to church, say some users, the church can now come to them.

A good part of the internet is a bazaar to fleece people out of their money. It’s taken over the job televisions used to do. I do hope that this technology isn’t perverted to impoverish the vulnerable with false promises of salvation. But I may be hoping too much. Things turn to shit really quick.

Nazi Homeschooling

To me, homeschooling does a tremendous disservice to children. There’s few parents that can give a basic, well-rounded education to a child. Parents don’t have the requisite degrees to guide a child through trouble spots in their education. It is best left to professionals. When COVID shut the schools, I was of a little use to my boys, but I was under no pretenses that I could teach.

Homeschooling is now making a comeback, thanks to people like Madison Cawthorn, Candace Owens, and Steve Bannon denigrating the value of public education. The right wing in this country do not place a premium on learning. Why is that? The simplest answer is they don’t want children to learn how to think and ask questions. They don’t want our young people to have access to information nor exposure to new ideas. Those are future voters/citizens who will be easier to control. In an authoritarian utopia, asking “why?” is anathema.

Well, there’s a new kid on the block in the homeschooling world. The School Of The West is not content with teaching the three Rs. They’re also shamelessly promoting classes in “white wellbeing”. I took a look at one of their free videos aimed towards pre-teens, and it’s shocking white supremacist propaganda. After showing the child a very implausible situation in a public school classroom, they tell kids that there are people who are just jealous of all the great things white people have done. And larger society is teaching whites to feel bad about themselves when they believe these things. White pride is re-labeled as “going free”. Yep, they’re feeding that sewage to young minds.

The school touts the work of the Institute For Historical Review, which, if you poke around, is very busy promoting anti-semitism and Holocaust revision.

So the Nazis have infiltrated the homeschooling business. Great. It’s icky stuff, but I wonder which of our white nationalist public figures will be first to tout this institution as a great place to help raise your kids.

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