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Something That Trump Can Read

It’s well known that Trump isn’t much of a reader. Apparently, his PDBs had to be bulleted or he wasn’t interested.

But maybe he can read a Power Point.

Now Mark Meadows turned that presentation over to the 1/6 Committee, which could be an indication that he didn’t think much of it, even though he met with its peddler many times.

Think maybe Meadows kicked it up to Trump? It would be the perfect reading material for the President. Graphs, flow charts, bullet points, all visual things that Trump could synthesize.

Judd Legum asserts that many of the “facts” in the Power Point match up with rhetoric Trump would later use. It’s very possible he saw the presentation. Whether this makes any difference at all is questionable; Trump is a moron and a liar, and you never know what is going to come out of his mouth or fingers. He believes all kinds of stupid shit. The only piece of strategy that seems to have stuck with Trump through all the myriad memos and presentations he got is that he needed Pence to overstep his ceremonial role. That’s all he really knew needed to happen and then other agents of chaos could take it from there. That’s what Jenna Ellis tried to tell him, that’s what John Eastman told him, that’s what Phil Waldron believed.


We know Fox News was ignorant of a plan to besiege the Capitol. Multiple hosts were horrified by how it all looked.

We can add Donald Trump Jr. to that list:

As the Capitol riot was unfolding, some of the biggest names in the conservative movement were working their connections in the White House to get former President Donald Trump to do something—anything—to stop it.

“He’s got to condemn this shit ASAP,” Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son, texted Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows.  Meadows responded: “I’m pushing it hard. I agree.” 

So did Don Jr. know anything about the attack beforehand? We can’t know for sure, but it is possible he was not part of the operation. If I remember right, Don Jr. engaged in some very incendiary rhetoric at the rally, but I guess he got all chickenshit when everything went sideways.

Meadows et al. were nervous too. The question still remains: was the riot part of the plan? It’s very tempting to say yes, but there’s still room to suggest that it was a spontaneous response triggered by Trumpian incitement, or a plan hatched by right wing anti government extremists to sack the Capitol. The suits brought against the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and other dangerous fringe groups today are indications of who DC wants to hold responsible. Make no mistake, the Trumps got in bed with some bedrock crazies, and these groups could be on a list of them. There may be other overlap I am not aware of that puts the rioters and riot planners in the same room with the Trumps. I know that’s what I’m waiting for.

Sinema and Manchin Need To Go

You may or may not have noticed that there’s a fight brewing between fascism and democracy. And with the way things are shaping up, fascism is going to win.

Which one we end up with depends on two Democrats: Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin. If they refuse to carve out a filibuster exception for voting rights, democracy is done.

I imagine they are not stupid people. They know this is the scenario. If we don’t pass the Freedom To Vote Act, Republicans across the nation are going to get away with widespread voter suppression that will jeopardize free and fair elections. Hell, they’ve got half their people believing that all elections are fraudulent. It’s all part of a plan to de-legitimize democracy on a massive scale.

It must be asked: are these two senators quislings masquerading as Democrats? Again, they cannot be so stupid as to think that bipartisanship is the answer to all of democracy’s problems. The majority should be able to function. But when you have a minority party with a tool like the filibuster at hand, there’s no need to do bipartisanship. There’s no need to even take control of a chamber.

I don’t know what Sinema’s deal is. I don’t know who’s bought her off. Manchin is easier to explain; he gets lots and lots of coal money and isn’t going to do anything that impedes their profits. But the fact simply is that they are about to kneecap their political party if they don’t do something about election reform. Are they simply more worried about provincial politics than national ones? That would be myopia of the highest order. It’s either that or they are simply working for the other side. If so, they must be purged. No one wants to lose a solid Democratic seat in West Virginia but Manchin is harmful to the party’s agenda. He may as well be a Republican for all the good he is doing. And I’m sure we can get a true blue senator with integrity to replace Sinema.

We’re running out of time. American fascism is coming back.

The Guard

On January 5, Mark Meadows was confident that the National Guard would be at the Capitol to protect “pro Trump people”.

Obviously they were expecting a counter protest of some sort. Trump alluded to it in a series of tweets, but the counter protest never materialized. In Donald Trump’s maggot-filled brain, though, Antifa would be there to challenge his supporters.

So let me get this straight-the Guard would have shown up to stop a clash of left/right protestors, but when the Capitol Police called for backup as unrest grew, the Guard demurred, worried about the “optics” of uniformed soldiers at the Capitol.

What higher ups were making these interesting decisions about what roles the Guard could play as the events of January 6 unfolded? We know they had a contingency force ready. But who and what they went to defend seemed to be a case of pick and choose. This can only mean that someone, perhaps several people in the Army/National Guard chain of command chose not to do his duty, or just plain fucked up. Colonel Earl Matthews alleges that Charles Flynn and Walter Piatt told William Walker of the Guard to stand by until then-Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy and then-acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller were apprised of the situation. Ryan McCarthy, however, was unreachable.

So-Guard for me, but not for thee. Our military should be above reproach but I’m starting to worry that we’re not looking at incompetence, we’re looking at traitors wearing uniforms.

Fox Freak Out

Well, we know who wasn’t in on the Capitol riot. Fox News didn’t see it coming at all. When the mob broke in, panicked fascist-enabling spin doctors freaked the fuck out and begged Mark Meadows by text to put an end to the siege:

“The president needs to tell people in the Capitol to go home. This is hurting all of us. He is destroying his legacy,” Laura Ingraham texted to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. “Please, get him on TV — [the riot is] destroying everything you accomplished,” Brian Kilmeade wrote to Meadows. “Can he make a statement, ask people to leave the Capitol?” wrote Hannity in yet another Meadows text.

And yet, despite their concern, instead of reporting, they went on TV that night crafted alternate narratives for the riot. They may have been concerned, but they weren’t interested in throwing over Trump:

The texts, revealed during a Monday hearing of the House January 6 Commission, were at odds with the hosts’ on-air comments on the night of the attack. Ingraham suggested that “antifa supporters” may have been responsible for the violence. Kilmeade took a similar line: “I do not know Trump supporters that have ever demonstrated violence that I know of in a big situation.” Hannity, for his part, asserted that “the majority of them were peaceful.”

I mean, there’s no downside to lying to a Fox viewer. They eat all that programming up with a spoon.

But anyway, I find it interesting that if we are looking at a planned invasion of the Capitol that the movement’s mouth organ was caught unawares. Maybe if they did actual journalism at Fox, they might have discovered a breadcrumb trail. But they’re too busy inveighing night after night against this strawman of a left wing boogeyman they’ve created to bother.

Not A Prayer

Does anyone really think Donald Trump’s profile is going to be diminished in the evangelical community somehow?

Come on. Let’s be serious. They love that guy. He’s going to be responsible for dismantling abortion rights. And they care about that shit a LOT.

Still, some prominent evangelical leaders think that his recent remarks towards Bibi Netanyahu are going to turn some of the flock against Trump should he run again.

“Mike Evans, one of Trump’s early evangelical backers, said he was “horrified” by the sentiments and said they would offend significant numbers of evangelical voters,” said the report.

He sent a letter to Trump that he also gave to the Post, threatening, “Benjamin Netanyahu has much greater support among evangelicals in America than you.”

“Please, I beg of you, don‘t put us in the position to choose between you and Bible land,” the letter continued. “There is no possibility you can win again if Bible-believing evangelicals see you as the ‘F*ck Netanyahu’ president who considers Abbas a father-like figure and blames the State of Israel, and not the Palestinians, for not making peace.”

I guess it’s in the realm of possibility that a wide ranging campaign to make Trump into an anti-Semite could work, but the intersection of evangelicals and Republican voters is nearly just a circle. And besides, who’d tell them about Fuck Bibi anyway? Fox News? There’s not supposed to be any politicking at the pulpit but that doesn’t seem to stop most of them, on the other hand.

Maybe they could be cajoled into staying home in protest, but these people will do just about anything to keep Democrats out of power so I really have my doubts that Trump’s vitriol towards the ex-PM of Israel is going to make much of a difference. Like the left, the right too can hold its nose and press the button.

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