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Plans Beyond January 6

One of the plans to invalidate the 2020 election was to make a 24 hour spectacle out of the counting of the votes. Seems Steve Bannon and Pete Navarro thought they could get national attention from the press by having 100 or so congressional objectors making speeches about election fraud. After that, the legal arguments brought up would be taken to the courts. It’s pretty clear that they were aiming to undo The Electoral Count Act, which forbids the practice of attempting to send alternate slates of electors to Congress and that disputes over the validity of objectors to the count were to be handled in Congress. The endgame was to throw the elections back to the states, where a series of complex maneuvers would conceivably have handed the election to Trump. They weren’t done ratfucking the election on the 6th. The controversial election was to be dragged out much further than that.

Then a riot broke out and the Capitol was attacked, interrupting the count. Seven hours later, the counting resumed. Objectors, chastened and nervous, allowed the official proceedings to complete, declaring Joe Biden president.

Well anyway, that’s how Peter Navarro is telling it in his new book. This does raise the question: was the violence part of the plan to stop the count? Because if Navarro is telling the truth, the insurrectionists fouled up the plan that was unfolding on the congressional floor. In fact, they fouled up everything, blackening the eye of the Trump movement. Even Fox News knew it was bad shit.

There’s still much to be learned about who, if anyone, planned the invasion. We know that the crowd was primed for violence by Trump supporters, operatives, members of Congress and Trump himself. It could have easily boiled over due to incitement. I am still left wondering what the point of the Capitol attack was if it was a plot. What was the next move? It’s still illogical to me. Some say it would allow Trump to declare a national emergency or use the Insurrection Act, but again, what was the next step? Were we looking at a hard coup that would have installed Trump as an unelected despot? How close did we come to the end of democracy? That’s still shrouded in mystery. And if the Navarro/Bannon plan was working the way it was supposed to, there was no need for a second, parallel operation that worked at cross purposes with it.

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