Con-stitutional Crisis

OK, I think this is the third outline we now have to subvert the results of the 2020 election and hand victory to Donald Trump. We have one from John Eastman, one from Mark Meadows, and now one from Jenna Ellis, a Trump attorney. It was sent directly to Trump as it is marked attoney-client privilege, but it’s unlikely Trump ever read it because Trump can’t read. It purports that the Electoral Count Act is unconstitutional, and again calls for Mike Pence to interfere in the vote counting.

Ellis denies that is the purpose of the memos.

“At no time did I advocate for overturning the election or that Mike Pence had the authority to do so,” Ellis told POLITICO. “As part of my role as a campaign lawyer and counsel for President Trump, I explored legal options that might be available within the context of the U.S. Constitution and statutory law.”

All of Trump’s flying monkeys were flailing about for ways to delay the inevitable. We’re not looking at a plan anymore, we’re looking at several and thank the heavens no one in the Trump circle was crafty enough to see one through.


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