Power Point Schmower Point

It seems I am in a small minority of people who don’t think that 38-page Power Point mess is anything worth concerning yourself with. Most of Twitter thinks it is the smoking gun, Trump’s blueprint to end democracy. That’s highly unlikely, given the source of the information.

Mark Meadows, recipient of the document, says it just ended up in his email box and nothing was done with it on his level. I believe him. Ignorable forwards in the office are not uncommon.

So anyway, the source of the Power Point is some “information warrior” named Phil Waldron, who apparently was quite vested in overturning the election. Basically another Mike Lindell type. Now, some senators and House members were presented with the “plan” by Waldron and you can probably guess which dumbshits were interested in what he was peddling.

The information contained in the Power Point is not necessarily “new”, as it exists in various forms on the Internet. It’s based on the musings of another election fraud kook:

It is unclear who prepared the PowerPoint, but it is similar to a 36-page document available online, and it appears to be based on the theories of Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, a Texas entrepreneur and self-described inventor who has appeared with Mr. Waldron on podcasts discussing election fraud.

Oh, brother. Entrepreneur? Inventor? Sounds like a fucking flake to me, certainly not the guy who cracked the case on actual election fraud. The Georgia state Senate, whom Pulitzer appeared before, concurred:

In December, after Mr. Pulitzer testified before the Georgia State Senate and claimed to have “hacked” the state’s voting system, Georgia’s secretary of state issued a news release calling him a “failed treasure hunter” who had “provided no evidence.”

Trump was and always will be a whiny baby for losing the election and will promote any idiotic theory that proves that he was the rightful winner in 2020. But it’s starting to look like no one really had the stomach or perhaps the brains for a genuine, organized fucking coup. Sure, Trump tried every which way from Sunday to halt and distort democracy, but democracy was not shaken, not even by most of the Republican Party. And should there be an actual attempt at a coup, you can bet your ass it won’t be buttressed by information by conspiracy lunatics hawking unreadable graphs and complicated flow charts.

UPDATE: Waldron did meet with Mark Meadows several times. Did they discuss the Power Point? What did Meadows think of it if they did?


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