Dog-Whistling Over The Dark

Georgia’s David Perdue is not worthy of respresenting anyone. He got creamed in his 2020 debate with Jon Ossoff so bad that he didn’t show up for the next one. He is truly craven and a tool.

But he’s back, and he wants to see if he can knock Brian Kemp off in a primary. I don’t see it happening, but he has secured Trump’s imprimatur. We’ll see if there’s enough Trumpers out there to make the difference.

Anyway, Perdue is out on Fox making the claim that Kemp allowed Stacey Abrams to take control of the election.

“Over my dead body will we ever do what Kemp did, and that is turn our elections over to Stacey Abrams,” said Perdue, who lost his US Senate seat to Democrat Jon Ossoff in early 2021. “We’ll never let that happen again.”

Now, there was a legal settlement between Democrats and Georgia election officials, establishing standards for absentee voting. But Abrams had nothing to do with it at all. Nothing.

This is Georgia we’re talking about here, and we’re not above a little bit of racism. I can say that because I live in Georgia. And that’s what I think Perdue is using here-the image of the scaaaaary black woman, taking the white man’s right to his government and his freedumb.

Again, Kemp’s probably not going anywhere. The Trump brand, though still potent, is tarnished. But if he does manage to seize the nomination, Stacey Abrams is going to hurt his feelings in the debates. And the blue-ification of Georgia, at least in the larger sense, will be completed.


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