Station To Station

The cult of Jesus will believe in just about anything to prove his holy existence:

For years, parishioners of St. John the Evangelist Church didn’t say much about the rust-colored stain running beneath the 12th Station of the Cross painting of Jesus.

Some never noticed it.

Others, without knowing what was causing the mark, didn’t want the 140-year-old Episcopal church to become a roadside curiosity or tabloid headline.

But this spring the church has turned a spotlight on the odd little stain, which in the right light appears to have trickled like blood directly from a painting of Jesus’ crucified feet onto the plaster of the church wall.

On Sunday, the Rev. Nathan J.A. Humphrey’s sermon addressed the “mysterious red mark,” suggesting that, whether of earthly or divine origins, it was evidence of Jesus’ presence in the church.”For myself, I find that in leading the Stations of the Cross … when I get to the 12th Station, I can’t help but contemplate the meaning of the mysterious red mark below it,” Humphrey told the congregation, according to a copy of his sermon. “I stop, look, pray, and listen. And when I do, what I always hear is, ‘Pay attention. I am here.’ Jesus is here.”

Oh, dear. SMH. I got nothing. Nonplussed. Maybe I should wait a few hours before commenting on this, until I can stop feeling sad for our species. We have evolved to think things like this. What good has it done us?

It’s perfectly fine to hear a voice in your head, as long as it’s yours. When it’s someone else’s, you should see a doctor. Failing that, you should up your attendance in church, where your insanity will be recognized as a gift. You fucking amaze me.

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