Wish In One Hand, Shit In Another

Let me start by saying I would love living through a Bernie Sanders presidency. I’d pick him over anyone running, Democrat or Republican.

That said, I am throwing my support and donations to Hillary Clinton. And she is who I will press the button for in the primary and general. I’m sorry, Bernie.

The country is not ready for a socialist. I wish it were, but you are not the cure to today’s ills just yet. We can’t guarantee a victory if you are the candidate.

I want Hillary Clinton to crush the spirit of the right. I want them to rend garments. I want their pointy heads to explode.

I want eight years of darkness to envelope them. Maybe they will learn something. I very much doubt it, but the Republican brand needs to have a reformation. I want them more discombobulated than they already are, with their 25 bags of flotsam they call “candidates”.

I read left wing press. I admit it; I will never take right-wing news at face value, nor will I pay any attention to fascist, hyper-conservative pigs who call themselves “independents” who don’t think Republicans are pure enough for them.

My, my, have I gone off track or what? I was supposed to segue into this headline:

Early Polls: Bernie Sanders Surges In New Hampshire

Wowee zowee! Jesus, people. A) It’s New Hampshire. They live next door to Vermont. That state makes no sense-Ron Paul was the runner-up in the last general. This is not news and B) Hillary Clinton is still kicking Bernie’s ass by 12 points. So why celebrate?

The lefty press needs something to write about, I guess, but it is already grating and irrelevant regarding the race. This shit is already over, folks. You can dream or you can win.

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