Forgive And Forget, But Damn…

I think years of prison really go to work on a person. That goes double for the soul crushing experience of solitary confinement, which I consider to be cruel and unusual. If you did your long penance and renounced your wicked ways, that should be the end of it. You have been punished by losing your time. That’s the real bitch being in the pen.

But some people…some people should be locked up for a good while. When you sodomize a 13 year old child with a razor at her neck, you need to think about that shit for a long time. So I think this guy I’m about to introduce to you belongs behind bars because he’s a child sodomizer, but instead he becomes part of a church outreach.

I get it. I really do. I agree with the pastor that:

” … if you steal a piece of candy from a store because you were young and stupid and make stupid mistakes, alright, you’re still a thief even though now you’re 40-years-old?”

Unfortunately, Pastor Dingaling, shoplifting is a victimless crime and not comparable to raping a teenager at razorpoint. Each should be punished, but they’re not even in the same ballpark.

The pastor in question is nuts, by the way. Why? Listen to this:

“This is a situation if that girls chooses…it takes two to tango, okay? So if that girl chooses to sleep with him, she’s just as guilty as he is,” the pastor said.

So, to paraphrase to good pastor, if she’s being raped and threatened with a weapon, she helped with the rape.

Some of you Christians make me fucking sick. How can you vilify women and cover for a violent rapist? Is that really how you want to play this?

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