Lost In The Supermarket of Mental Healthcare

Some of these hospitals that deal with crazy-asses are by definition staffed with crazy themselves, so I say to them who work for them that I would point that pointy-finger at yourself  before you all point them at me and my medical condition trying to find out why your customer hates you so much.

Holy shit! The hospitals rooms all look the same. All the people are pissed off in the windows of the meeting rooms, and you figure that is your meeting because pissed off is what you are. You are wrong. Like today, I stumbled into the “dual diagnosis” room and it took me 5 minutes to realize that this particular room did not need me in it, at least did not want me there that day.

I’m sorry to report that nothing earth-shattering resulted in my meeting, except the reminder that the bipolar needs his meds, they aren’t just something you can or should kick. Yep. One hour, and two professional facilitators (I have a certificate to be one too so I got extra happy fun time watching them try to do it) to get one person to admit they are off the chain out of seven of us.

Well! Quite an accomplishment, bloated healthcare beast! How much did it cost you to find that patient is off their meds, how many salaries were kept afloat by finding that one person that morning?

All I can say is that I can’t wait for the GOP to see what happens to the country when they want to take a scalpel to American socialized medicine. I’m in the VA system now, I don’t worry-I worry about me. You all might want to see what Congress is trying to do and find out who your real enemies are in politics before 2012.

I’ll give you a hint, middle class-you are going down if you follow the elephants.

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