I Need To Clear Something Up

I am a fan of the news. I like watching news, hearing it, less so when I pull it out of a fortune cookie so see here now;

I hate Fox News. Yet, I seem to have a weakness for women who read the news. You would think I were a Fox viewer, and you are a fucking moron for thinking so. The women on Fox are not real. The women on Fox have their hair done up like a Jim Bakker wet dream and they all have the stare of a doe. I’ll come up with a Real Anchorwomen post sooner or later but let it be known that just because a girl is on TV that don’t mean I’m sitting there with my mouth open.

I just like the facts. When facts fall out of female mouths, and they happen to be extraordinarily vivacious, I go duuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh. It is my god-damned privilege to be a God-Damned Idiot here on this blog as in life.

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  1. Now tell us how you really feel. LOL No I agree, well sort of… I don’t have a thing for women that are into news. But I would agree that all of Fox News is just tea party propaganda with no backing. I totally got rid of cable because I couldn’t stomach it anymore. I bet you feel like a blue dot in the middle of a bleeding state around here. Everyone’s drinking the cool aid

    1. I always say what I feel. It isn’t a fetish, it’s just that occasional glimpse of a woman having the time of her life in front of a movie camera. Porn with clothes on. Something like that.

      Cable is good. Pair it with the new TIVO Premiere box and watch them sweat. Thanks for coming by, Dana, and I hope I see you again.

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