Lest I Forget About Why I Don’t Want Romney Anywhere Near The President’s Office

Lasterday, a few days ago I said that Mitt Romney should be left alone so far as his religion goes. I still believe that, because I believe in the Constitution.

Says the United States Constitution, Article VI: “…no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

Count me in amongst those who believe that the spirit of the document is just as important as the actual words. The second Amendment would be toast under such narrow wordage. The proper way to respect the document would be to improve it, not just read the damn thing without reading between the lines.

Now let me say this, Mitt: corporations are not people. It is an historical fact that the corporations and robber barons have been working very had to make a man out of a corporation, largely with the help of a bunch of decisions made by courts. Here is the timeline: it’s striking that before the Dred Scott decision, corporations were well on the way to attaining personhood status. Therefore, his little outburst at that town hall where he said that corporations are people means that he’s part of a larger problem much removed from his Mormonism. His big problem is that he is another Republican who doesn’t do his homework. Be your own man, Mitt: don’t acquiesce to a bunch of poisonous decisions rendered by the courts. They may be they final say, but that doesn’t mean they are right in any sense of the word.

About The Head Seminarian

I went to war, I went to father, I came, I saw, and it is a mess. I wouldn't have it any other way. Shitty people amuse me, people who act like human volcanoes fascinate me like fine art. Life is beautiful, and it is under attack in a manner heretofore unseen in history. I might be writing a blog. Yes, that's all I am doing, now that I think about it. Even I forget sometimes, so we're cool.

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