Laugh Of The Day

I wonder when Hillary Clinton will comment on this, or is she afraid?.

(Lincoln) Chafee, the former Democratic governor of Rhode Island, brought up (a) key issue when he announced his quixotic presidential bid to a half-empty room in the soulless suburb of Arlington, Virginia. He indicated that moving to the metric system could help right some of the wrongs committed during the Iraq War, as it would be “a symbolic integration of ourselves into the international community after mistakes of the past 12 to 14 years.”

Yeah. The key to contrition is going from yards to meters, and liters to quarts. Jesus Christ, Lincoln. Of all the fucking things that need attention, dude.

If you think that’s stupid, someone on the other side actually responded to this. I don’t know which is worse:

(Bobby) Jindal, the Republican Louisiana governor who is expected to soon announce that he, too, will join the fight for the White House, does not agree with Chafee on this important issue.

“Typical Democrat—wants to make America more European,” Jindal spokesman Michael Reed told Politico. “Governor Jindal would rather make the world more American.”

Fuck the kilogram, ‘MURICA! My ruler! MOLON LABE!

Can we just swear Clinton in and be done with this whole charade that anyone has a choice in the matter?

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