Laugh Of The Day

Friendly Atheist has found some serious, oxygen depleted mental retardation on BarbWire. This breaks my policy of not linking wingnut websites so as not to give them advertising dollars, but you gotta see this in all its stupid glory. I’m only gonna give you a taste-you must continue on your own, and you can leave thoughtful comments when you are done:

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that God created dinosaurs.

No one that we know of has ever seen one, and our interpretations of the fossils are subject to never-ending revision. But still, those great big bones had to fit together some way. Maybe someday we’ll figure out what any dinosaur was really like.

You really have to work hard to be this ignorant. But, we weren’t there, so ha!

The difficulty is that dinosaurs are nowhere specifically mentioned in the Bible.

OK, by your measure, if it ain’t in the Bible, it ain’t true, so what the fuck?

That doesn’t mean we can’t prayerfully consider the matter and use our brains for something more than cooking up mischief.

Note the author’s use of the word “brain”. Y’know, that organ he’s not using.

It’s my personal belief that God has put the dinosaurs somewhere else, where they can’t eat people, and where numbskulls can’t try to put them into an amusement park and charge money to see them.

Oh, we’re the numbskulls. God damn, that’s some tasty projection and a damn fine example of the Dunning-Kruger effect. I’ve been saving this meme for a special occasion:


These people are being fruitful and multiplying. They have their own absurd little world, shielding themselves from any knowledge whatsoever. Which is funny, because their Adam ate from a tree that produced it. Go figure.

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