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Thinky Pain

New theories about the origin of our universe show up in my daily reads about, oh, once a month. Folks, I try to read them. But all it does is make my brain swell uncomfortably within my skull. Antimatter, gravitons, event horizons, inflation, it’s all too much for me. But I would love a cogent and simple explanation for what the hell happened nanoseconds before the singularity exploded. It’s the most important question I will ever ask, avoiding the ease of religions that think they have all the answers and ones that insert the god cipher into anyplace where they are at a loss for clarity.

These days, I believe that the universe we know is only a fraction of the great Isness. We are but a small incident in a much greater phenomena. And we will be forever blind to its workings, being bound by space and time. Ah, well. There’s plenty of universe to ponder. Call the inscrutable first cause God if you want, but things existing eternally make about as much sense as the Ur-singularity where something existed when nothing did.

So anyway, here’s a new theory that posits a hyperdimensional star puked up our three-dimensional universe. That’s about all I understand. You have fun with that now.

Truth Be Told

New Chomsky, on Iran. Who is really the biggest threat to world peace?

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