Daily Archives: August 4, 2015

Tricks Of The Trade

Aha! Steve M. says what I’ve been thinking for a long time now. For whatever reason, it’s a right-wing line of attack to associate someone with Saul Alinsky. Dumbass Ben Carson tried it against Hillary Clinton recently. But who really are today’s Alinskyites?

Those same right wingers. I’ll step off and leave you with Steve up there.

Taking Their Ball And Going Home

Hemant has a great story about invocations at government meetings. There was a dustup in NC that caused a council to terminate all invocations because they couldn’t get their Christian way. They would not accept any other religion’s right to inclusion, so they gave up.

Excellent. Although it was a circuitous route, the desired outcome was achieved. The fact is that freethinkers don’t give a fuck about invocations. The word means “to invoke”, and is typically used to petition authority or a deity. What atheist would bother with that stupid shit? What minority religion would really want to make a show of their beliefs in a public forum? Most of us know damn well that it’s fucking rude at best and discriminatory at worst. We’re just doing a little jiu-jitsu to let the Christians know that their blessing is not needed nor is it appropriate.

Once again I say to Christians: stop trying to inject your beliefs into everything. The pranks will stop when you do.

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