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Cui Bono?

Not long ago, I raised the possibility that our “deal” with Iran might be just the thing that gives us the impetus to go to war with them. The Obama administration is still pushing the need for a “military option” to be on the table, as if to say that there is no recourse between agreement and violence. There is always the possibility that we are simply waiting for an excuse to fire up the bombers. That’s how we did Saddam-our perfidy is legend.

Shallow thinkers will conclude that this deal is a slap in the face and a danger to Israel. Bullshit. Included in this deal is a buttload of increased military aid to them. This deal gives our MIC broad sway to sell the Israeli government all kinds of goodies.

So who really are the winners here? It sure as hell isn’t Iran. We’re still threatening that country within an inch of its life. It might be wise to not be fooled by the carapace of this agreement. Obama promised change in Washington, but he’s joining the long list of people in that office perfectly satisfied with the way things have always been.

H/T Antiwar

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