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Denali Folly

Right-wingers will be outraged at anything. Anything at all. As long as it seems to come from Obama, they flip their fucking wig. The Wurlitzer is cranked up to ear-ruining level because…because…

I’m still trying to process it. I can’t make it make sense to you.

It’s Denali, aka Mount McKinley.

The Alaskan mountain, which is the highest peak in North America, was named Denali by native Alaskans. It was given the name “Mount McKinley” in 1896 by a gold prospector who wanted to celebrate McKinley winning the Republican presidential nomination, and the name was made official in 1917.

Ohio lawmakers slam Obama plans to rename Mt. McKinley ‘Denali’ during Alaska trip.

 The name change would have been done years ago, were it not for Ohio politicians. In announcing the change, which actually came not from President Obama, but from Interior Secretary Sally Jewel, the Interior Department noted that they were exercising their authority over place names. 

President McKinley never visited Alaska, you see. And Alaskans have been calling it Denali for a very long time. But the wingnut community, ever the victim, screams “PC” and whines for the the supremacy of all that is white.

Fucking McKinley. Who gives a shit? Heretofore, I did not know that he was a sacred cow. I don’t know what he accomplished. No one does. But heaven forbid the natives get their traditional name back.

No doubt the wingers will cry racism. How ironic. They have a word for that.

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