Taking Their Ball And Going Home

Hemant has a great story about invocations at government meetings. There was a dustup in NC that caused a council to terminate all invocations because they couldn’t get their Christian way. They would not accept any other religion’s right to inclusion, so they gave up.

Excellent. Although it was a circuitous route, the desired outcome was achieved. The fact is that freethinkers don’t give a fuck about invocations. The word means “to invoke”, and is typically used to petition authority or a deity. What atheist would bother with that stupid shit? What minority religion would really want to make a show of their beliefs in a public forum? Most of us know damn well that it’s fucking rude at best and discriminatory at worst. We’re just doing a little jiu-jitsu to let the Christians know that their blessing is not needed nor is it appropriate.

Once again I say to Christians: stop trying to inject your beliefs into everything. The pranks will stop when you do.

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