High Art: I Found Some!

Remember I was saying a while ago that art=love for the subject? I also said that none of you deserve it because you just walk right by it, as if in a museum, or give it to some nouveau riche jerk who thinks it is a prize?

I would be guilty of this if I didn’t just see some today. I probably can’t afford it, but I got to see it, and that felt pretty good.

If you are traveling in Pennsylvania, and have questions like “What is wrong with the water in Pittsburgh?”, you are asking the wrong question. What you should be asking is, “Hey, you with the cheese sandwich-where is the Society For Contemporary Craft?”

Someone with a sandwich should be able to tell you eventually.

Or if you are in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, looking around and asking why anyone would live there except to write the name “Sheboygan” in their envelope’s return address, once again, ask a question of the locals. No wait, don’t. Every gas station owner will look at you and wonder, “Is this person gonna buy that jerky finally?” if you ask him for directions to the John Michael Kohler Arts Center. Buy some of the jerky, and a map, because there’s something you ought to see in both places.

There’s someone named Kate MacDowell who is showing you stuff you should see. I’m so interested in it, I had to make three corrections to her last name in the last 30 seconds. I don’t like anything, generally. Most of you who know me understand this, and either dislike me back or put up with me, or both. Don’t matter much to me.

You should go to her website immediately, where you can see things like this:

Or, if you like mushrooms a lot or are schizophrenic, maybe you could dig this:

I’m just bipolar, so I like all of it.

I say in big scary letters: KATE MAC…MC…

Shut up.

Kate MacDowell is a sensitive artist who would like you to see her stuff. From where I’m standing, she’d like to rearrange your face, but I only say this because I am afraid she will open me up and put bugs in me.

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